Our Story

our-storyOUR STORY

Sarah and Jon have always been passionate about animals and both have grown up around dogs; Jon with working farm dogs on the family Station and Sarah with the family black lab – Tammy.  Tammy was a wonderful dog who willingly obliged as she was taught to do agility on makeshift jumps & weave poles in the backyard.

For years Sarah had always had a love of Siberian Huskies and after much research about the breed and talking to breeders/owners, in 1996 she went to view a litter of puppies.  This resulted in her first Siberian – Novac.

From there on the love on the breed formed and the pack started to grow.  Lutek and Raea were our next arrives to the pack, followed by their cousin Polar.  2009 saw us welcome our first Australian Imports to our kennel littermates Stig and Indy.  Since then we have had two more arrivals from Australia Kol and his half brother Ashe.

Pawtrax started when we were given the opportunity to become the NZ Distributors for Taiga Alaska products in New Zealand, from there it is continually growing as we add to our product range.  We stock a full range of quality supplies for your sled, working or pet dog.

If you are after something that is not listed on our website please contact us, not all items are listed and we do sometimes bring in smaller orders on products.